Load newer versions of jQuery on Drupal 6

Drupal and jQuery are two of my favorite things. They play nicely with each other and make development a cinch. Unfortunately the version Drupal ships with can be limiting. This is because Drupal 6 was released in February of 2008 and ships with jQuery 1.2.6. As of July 2011, jQuery is at version 1.6.2.

There is a popular module for Drupal called jquery_update which brings the version up to 1.3.2. The module won't update to a newer version because any newer version of jQuery breaks some core Drupal functionality. Until recently, this wasn't a problem for me as jQuery 1.3.2 has worked fine.

Installing Ventrilo server on Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala)

Ventrilo is a VOIP server that let's groups of people talk to each other in real time. The free, non-commercial version allows up to 8 clients. This is plenty for me at the moment, but if you need more, you can look at TeamSpeak wich allows up to 32 (IIRC, you may need to double check the limits).

Ventrilo has instructions for installing on linux, but they are far from "complete." I hit quite a few blockers and it took just over 2 hours to get it setup and working correctly. The following instructions worked for me on Ubuntu 9.10, but I imagine they work fine for older/newer versions as well.

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